Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Les Iles en Forme Host Workshops in Grosse-Ile

Les Iles en Forme et en Santé, an initiative of Quebec en Forme, are currently targeting youth aged 0-17 to promote healthy eating and active living.  Sharla Goodwin, Registered Dietician, was contracted to do a series of workshops in Grosse-Ile to help reach the Anglophone youth. 

The first workshop was a nutritional presentation in Grosse-Ile School.  Sharla Goodwin educated the students on healthy eating habits and healthy alternatives to traditional “junk” food.  Following this presentation, a healthy lunch was provided for students and their parents, in order to also incorporate parents into the promotion of healthy eating.
The final workshop was held on Friday, April 29th in the community conference room to provide healthy eating information to community event providers.  It was stressed that offering healthy alternatives on traditional canteen menus could allow people to make healthier choices.  A chicken wrap, instead of a cheeseburger, significantly lowered caloric intake, fat intake and salt intake. 
Sharla Goodwin pointed out that if we want our children to eat healthier and be at a healthy weight, then we should offer them healthy food at community events.